About Us

Limrok Hotel Supplies Limited specialises in supplying Guest Amenities, Toiletries, Bed & Bath linen, Table linen and F&B Kitchen Equipment’s to Hotels & Resorts, Guest Houses, furnished apartments, Campsites and Lodges in the East Africa regions. When it comes to hospitality and guest comforts, we understand that you require your client to feel the luxuries provided to enhance their staying experience and make it memorable and opulent.

Limrok Hotel Supplies Limited is a private limited company, founded in the year 2007.

Based in 1st Parklands avenue Nairobi, our team is a family-run business with years of experience in guest supplies with global manufacturing partners, with each member contributing their experiences in different fields.

Director – Mrs Manisha k.

Compliments the administrative and accounts functions, handling our customer’s feedback and services, making her the heart of our operations.

Marketing & Sales Manager – Mr Bhavik Jayantilal Umrania.

Recent Graduate in BA (Hons) in Marketing Degree from the University of Hertfordshire UK with work experience in the field of retail industry enabling him to develop excellent communication skills for good customer care and friendly consumer relationship.

The Products

  • Branded Personalised Toiletries and Amenities:

WE customise toiletries and guest amenities products according to the client’s brand logo to help them self promote business and improve their standards, with a reasonable charged fees.

  • Table Cutlery:

We can as well supply stainless steel cutlery with hot stamped – hotel brand logo with a specific order quantity requirement. (Please E-mail for Enquiry).

  • Linen:

Towels, Bed sheets, Duvets and other linen are supplied with embroidered or printed brand logo, with special requested made by the client with a reasonable extra cost.

Newly Introduced ECO Essentials Toiletries

The Eco Essentials range of guest amenities has been designed for the environmentally conscious hotelier, addressing the problematic issue of plastic waste, the demand for natural ingredients and gentle skin-friendly products delivering a truly luxurious experience for the guests.

Eco Essentials is an ideal way to signal your commitment in protecting the environment as an eco-friendly organisation. Our tubes are manufactured from the HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastics derived from post-consumer recycled plastic while our packaging is manufactured of recycled material and finally the product itself is a created with naturally gentle formulations and softly fragranced with green and white tea and floral notes.